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Attractions in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami as a Tourist

Hi there we at Jet Skis Rental Fort Lauderdale like to talk about what can we do if you travel visit South Florida, there are many cool stuff to list. But I’m only going to mention the ones that important such as yachting and jet skiing besides restaurants. So alright then here is a few simple but fun places to go to that are also family friendly. Also there is nothing better then parasailing in Fort Lauderdale area. Also if you like to explore the oceans then is the best jet ski wave-runner rental ft. Lauderdale company in South Florida and Miami Beach to go with.

Miami wave runner rental tours are the best

Iam not going to sound like a broken record, however it has been said plenty times that Miami is the place to go to in South Florida. Visiting this city you must use a Miami jet ski rental location company to discover what really Miami-Dade has to offer. Places such as South Beach has many waterways that only can be enjoyed on a jet ski tour and for that you should rent one out with a mate so they can show you around for the best spots to explore in Miami. Imagine a beautiful day out with your rented our jet ski tour that later will anchor down at a local waterfront restaurant for some super awesome time of your life in Miami areas. The rich and famous live all over this city such as the Star Island and on a jetski tour in Miami you can check out all these awesome places. Even the Eros yacht from the Below Deck TV Show can be chartered out in Miami by the public with strict rules. So if you planning to visit the magical city of Miami and its heat then rest assured that you gotta get on a jet-ski rental tour for the best sight seeing in Florida period.

Las Olas Beach dine off a jetski

The Beaches of near Las Olas and Sunrise BLVD are Famous place in the Greater Lauderdale area, have a blast going to the beach with friends and family. This place has many water front restaurants that you can dock with your jet-ski and have a awesome dinner night out. Enjoy a cold drink swim cool off and just simply cant beat the south beach vibe on our ft. lauderdale beaches. With on of our friends wave runner rental in ft. lauderdale rest assured they will bring your friends and family to the best travel location. Numerous restaurants or bars are right next to the sand pretty much you just walk across A1A or Ocean Dr and there you go it is a strip of businesses nothing but night clubs, bars and restaurants.

Restaurant\’s and Nightlife in Fort Lauderdale

It is known that here the night life is either better or equal to Miami\’s south beach, we like ours better because it is more local people and tourists combined together and for that reason its kinda more relaxed environment. To list a few good Bars that every tourist should visit while staying is Sand Bar Fort Lauderdale a excellent restaurant right on the water and good vibe is our favorite, been there countless times on ourjet-skis (Rent a jet ski with us) is the Southport Raw Bar take a look at that place and it is family friendly for sure too.

Hugh Taylor Birch Park

The Park is located off Sunrise BLVD right next to us where we are located, this park is very old and has trails and wildlife that resembles old Florida. It is truly a historical place as well amazing day spent with friends and family for a park ride or Kano perhaps a picnic.


So to sum up these are the places you need to visit or can choose from just to start off, the Beaches of Fort Lauderdale are Beautiful and the sand is crystal fine and clean jet ski rentals is great for kids and anyone. The Night life fantastic for older to younger crowd, restaurants the food is good and fresh seafood caught on the ocean is even better. State park right next to Sun Life Water Sports rentals is a great place to explore how Florida actually used to look like in the old days.

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